Referral Networking

1-    A valuable marketing tool for growing your business – low cost, flexibility, and gives you a competitive edge even over larger companies as typically people prefer to do business with someone they know.

2-    Networking is not about selling your product – it is about connecting with people and building relationships – once they know and trust you they are more likely to refer you.

BONUS- they may become a client

3-    It’s about commitment, accountability, consistency

4-    It requires the mindset of focusing on the needs of others

“People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care” Zig Ziglar

5-    Networking is about engaging in conversations and learning what others do and how you can help them.

•    Who they are

•    What they do

•    Challenges they have

•    Solutions they found

•    Can you help ?



How to start:


•    Choose a networking group or event and START, it is most important to START

•    Be conscious of what networking is and your goal

•    Be aware that 80% of our business comes from 20% of your clients, if you are limited for time, don’t spread yourself to thin and work with the 20%-


At the networking event/meeting:

1-    Show up on time- this is the first impression they will have of you and it matters if you show and if you don’t.

2-    Engage in conversation, shake hands, look people in the eye, ask questions and listen.

3-    Have business cards or brochures to hand out but ensure you get the information from the people you want to develop and continue a relationship with- the follow up is crucial and you need to take the first step

4-    Make sure you know whom your ideal client is and are clear on who you are looking for.

5-    What makes you stand out and different? What makes you the expert and not the jack of all trades- you want to leave a lasting impression.

6-    Don’t be afraid to ask for referrals

7-    Ask people to join you at an upcoming networking event or meeting- sharing shows you care


What is a Referral and how to share?

•    Referring is an activity that may or may not lead to a sale.

•    It is about sharing a service, product or event that can lead to a business transaction.


A great referral can be when an introduction is made between the 2 parties:

IE:     With an email or SHARE button on your GR Profile.

    By giving the information to the person to follow up.

    At an event where you are introduced.


Why become an Expert at referring?

1-    You become the person that people come too.

2-    It will build and cultivate new relationships with and keep you on their mind.

3-    It makes you stand out.

4-    It becomes a habit and second nature, just part of your daily routine, looking to help people with people you know.

5-    It feels good and can cause a ripple effect.


Margaret-Ann Davis

GOA GR Ottawa Inc.

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