Home Set-up Tip #1

When moving into a new home, there are some things that you will want to take care of. This list focuses on things related to the house. This post, Home Set-up, deals with things that you’ll need to do at least once.

  1. Install/Replace Smoke Detectors: Should be installed on every floor of your home. A smoke detector should be replaced every 10 years, if you’re not sure how old the smoke detectors are – replace them all.
  2. Carbon monoxide detectors:
  3. Home Escape Plan: If you have kids. You need this.
  4. Locks: Change the locks on all the doors. Deadbolts improve security.
  5. Heating and Air-Conditioning Systems (HVAC): Have them inspecting and serviced. Setup a service contract to ensure the equipment is properly maintained.
  6. Main shutoffs: Find and mark all the main shutoffs for heating (usually in the ceiling and in the breaker/fuse box), electrical (the main electrical breaker (or fuse) is located near (or is part) of the distribution panel) and plumbing systems.
  7. Electrical circuits: it’s always nice to know what is plugged into what. It’s also easier before you have furniture so you can find all your receptacles and switches. Turn all the switches on, plug in lights, turn off a breaker one at a time and label. This, in the case of an emergency, will get you to turn off the correct circuit (breaker or fuse).
  8. Wood burning appliances: Have the chimney inspected and swept.
  9. Outdoor air-conditioner unit: Make sure there is at least 1m clearance around the unit.
  10. Washing Machine (Clothing): Consider upgrading from the rubber hoses to braided hoses to reduce the risk of the hoses rupturing.
  11. Clothes Dryer: Use smooth walled metal exhaust ducts to vent clothe dryer outdoors. Keep the runs short and straight for best results.
  12. Fire extinguisher: Keep an extinguisher on every level of the home, and make sure the one in the kitchen is rated to fight grease fires.
  13. Fire escape routes: Plan fire escape routes from the 2nd floor, get a rope ladder if required.