Pre-Sale / Pre-Listing home inspections

Having your home inspected by a certified home inspector can streamline the sales process, and help you avoid unexpected surprises. It will give you a clearer picture of the state of your home, and anything that may prevent the sale of your home.

Once you have the report, you will have an opportunity to address any defects noted. In addition, the information that you obtain from the report will help you and your real estate agent properly price your home.

Why should you get a pre-sales / pre-listing home inspection?

  1. Having valuable information that you can formulate decisions from will reduce the stress of selling your home.
    • Selling your home is a stressful time, having information at your finger tips you will know if any defects exist and can address them.
  2. The Home Inspection report will help you and real estate representative price the home appropriately, to sell quickly.
    • Pricing your home is one of the most important part of selling your home. If the price is too high, potential buyers may overlook your home. If the price is too low, you may not make enough money back.
  3. Having a pre-sales / pre-listing home inspection will help move things along more quickly, from listing to close.
    • When a buyer is looking at your home, they will feel more comfortable making an offer.
    • Buyers, it is also important to have your own representation when buying a home.
  4. It will give you time to address defects and preform repairs.
    • There may be items in the inspection report that your real estate representative may suggest having addressed at once.
  5. It will minimize, and in some situations, avoid renegotiations.
    • Buyers should be bringing in a home inspector of their own, this, may lead to find defects that the home owner may not have been aware of. Having the information before this happens will help prevent or minimize renegotiations.
  6. Having a pre-sales / pre-listing inspection report will also improve the confidence of potential buyers.
    • Buyers are in a tough position, so they tend to be a little bit skeptical. Buyers must think about the price of the home and the cost of living.
  7. Your real estate representative will be grateful for the other information about your home.