Electricity – Part 6

Service Entrance

How does electricity get to the house?

Typically, homes have 240-volts that come in overhead (service drop) or underground wires (service laterals) from the utility company.

The 240-volts is made up for two 120-volt wires and one neutral. These wires may be copper or aluminium.

Service drops/laterals are typically the responsibility of the utility company. Underground laterals are typically buried two-feet to three-feet deep and then goes up to the meter. Overhead drops are usually attached to the side of the building and comes down to the electrical meter.

Typically, circuits are 120v. Some 120v circuits have a black or red and a white wire. Larger circuits may require the use of both the black and the red wires that care each 120v, totally a potential for 240v to appliances like stoves, clothes dryers or water heaters.