About Mike S. Avelar

20171208_175830Thank you very much for taking the time to browse my website. My name, is Mike S. Avelar – and I am an entrepreneur.

In my youth, I worked for Nortel Networks as a web server administrator (1996, age 17). Later, I moved to DEC/COMPAQ/HP for about 9 years. I learned a lot of things while working for two of the worlds most successful businesses.

One day I found myself working side-by-side with my father building foundations in and around Ottawa. It wasn’t my ideal job, but it was honest work. I really enjoyed working with my dad; I got the opportunity to really get to know him. Then one day, I got hurt.

At this point, all kinds of things were happening in my life. I felt my life was out of control. I decided the best thing for me was to do something I really loved. I love teaching people, and helping them understand. I really love figuring things out. I really learned a lot from both my careers, I decided to be a Home Inspector. Two years later, I was certified in 2013

Milestone: April 26, 2017. I’m happy to say that the sole-proprietorship known as “Avelar Home Inspection” was dissolved and “Avelar Home Inspection Inc.” created.

I want to really add value to my customers. I have partnered myself with one of the largest telecommunications company in the world. Allowing me to offer essential services like internet/phone/security/energies to my customers.