It is important to know that performing a home inspection is a crucial part of a real estate transaction. When you have a certified home inspection performed, it may provide critical information. Using this information will help you decide based on available facts. A certified home inspector performs a home inspection in a non-invasive manner and respects all parties. Furthermore, our pride and personal involvement in the work we perform result in superior quality and service. This attitude is directly reflected in our employees’ level of responsibility, professionalism, and competency. At Avelar Home Inspection Inc., your knowledge and education are the most important to us.
Home Inspection Services
As a home owner or potential purchaser, you should know that a home inspector can help you in a number of ways by providing advice and direction. These can be some stressful times, we can help...
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Thank you for choosing Avelar Home Inspection Inc. to help you learn about your home. All appointments are tentative, you will be contacted shortly after booking. If you are looking for a specific time, please...
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Inspecting the structure

As a home inspector, it’s important that I keep up with my education. It is also important for me to help you understand structures, such as the house or building you’re living in. Home inspectors are guilty of conducting superficial structural inspections. The reason for this is that structural defects …

Roof Drainage

What do I need to know about roof drainage? Roof drainage is one of the most important design of a roof and roof coverings. However, no roofing system is complete without controlled drainage. This is where gutters and downspouts become such an important part of roof drainage and is important …


Radon is a gas that occurs naturally in the earth’s crust. It is invisible, it is odourless, and it is tasteless. Radon is a product of the decay of uranium. When uranium decays, it turns into lead. This is a 14-step process; radon is formed at the sixth step.


Asbestos is a fibrous material that was used in many building materials as acoustic insulation, a fire-resistant material, a binder in other products such as roofing material, and was also used as thermal insulation.